Our Testimony


Who is TOWDAH?

Towdah is the Hebrew word meaning “to extend hands in Praise and Thanksgiving for things not yet received.” From the moment we decide to be parents, our hearts are filled with anticipation, excitement, yearning, and love for this child not yet conceived. For those of us who have had difficulty conceiving, the act of conception is itself a Miracle of God. During the journey of pregnancy, we pray for the child’s health, for his/her spirit, for favor, grace, protection. All the world over we unite in prayer and supplication for this new life. We know that he or she is a child of God, and out of this place of excitement, anticipation, fear, and love, Towdah is born.


In 2016 while pregnant with my daughter, Belén, I tested positive for Zika. At that time I came to understand that even the best doctors and scientists in the world could do very little for my baby and that I needed to place my faith and hope in God. My husband and I, along with friends and family, fervently prayed over for my child, fasted and sought God’s mercy. At that time, the spirit of Towdah was born in our family as we praised God in Thanksgiving for protecting our baby and granting her health before she was born.

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Join us in this journey and express Towdah through the special gifts in our store.


What sets TOWDAH GIFTS apart?

Towdah Gifts is a small family run business selling encouraging & inspirational shirts & gifts based on empowering Christian messages. We have put a great deal of love, prayer & time into designing & sourcing our product & hope you love them as much as we do.

From our adorable Baby Onesies and Gift Sets to our Toddler and Kids Shirts to our forward Christian fashion and jewelry for women, our brand has everything you need to celebrate life’s most beautiful moments and share God's inspiring, encouraging and empowering messages!   

  • Unique Cute Designs with empowering Christian message of Love, Faith and Hope based on Scripture.
  • Premium Quality - Screen-printed in the USA & our apparel is thick, soft and gentle on baby and mama’s skin and unlike other types of printing, our screen printed shirts' design won't fade or peel when machine washed.
  • Our Apparel Expresses your Identity in Christ by speaking words of affirmation and reminding you, your child and all those around you who God says you are.

10% of Profits are Donated to CharityWater.Org

TOWDAH GIFTS - Endearing Gifts for the Blessings in our Lives. We would love to hear about your testimony as well as your experience with our products, so reach out to us through our Facebook or Instagram @TowdahGifts